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Load Binder Ratchet



  • Size and Load Capacity:

  • Our Ratchet Binder boasts a robust build designed for heavy-duty load control. With a 14" forged steel handle and a take-up length of 10", it provides a secure grip. Hook to hook length when closed is 25". It can handle a working load limit of 5,400 lbs, and its breaking strength reaches an impressive 19,000 lbs. Suitable for use with 5/16" Grade 70 Transport Chain or 3/8" Grade 43 Binder Chain.

  • Standards Compliance:

  • Our commercial-grade Ratchet Binder is engineered for safety and reliability. The long handle design offers optimal leverage, while the ratchet handle increases leverage even further. Rest assured that our product meets all CVSA and DOT requirements, ensuring that your load securing process is fully compliant.

  • Quality Manufacturing Process:

  • This Load Binder is crafted from drop-forged and heat-treated carbon steel, enhancing its strength and durability. The fast ratcheting action ensures that you can easily secure your load, providing both convenience and peace of mind.

  • Ease of Operation:

  • Our Ratchet Load Binder offers infinite adjustment options, allowing for precise load securing. Unlike lever binders, ratcheting load binders are user-friendly and straightforward to operate. Their ultra-smooth ratchet mechanism simplifies tightening the chain and releasing it smoothly, providing a seamless load securing experience.

  • Wide Range of Applications:

  • Designed to excel in various scenarios, our Ratchet Binders are ideal for securing loads in flatbed trucks and trailers. They are equally at home in the marine industry, on farms, and in outdoor utility situations. No matter where your load binding needs take you, our Ratchet Binder is up to the task, offering safe and efficient load securing for a wide range of applications. 

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勾选图标图片_勾选图标素材_勾选图标PNG大全下载_熊猫办公 Main Body: Typically constructed from heavy-duty forged carbon steel, ensuring exceptional strength and durability to withstand high-stress environments.

Detailed Information
勾选图标图片_勾选图标素材_勾选图标PNG大全下载_熊猫办公Lubrication System: Ratchet Binders come with a lubrication system to ensure the smooth operation of the ratcheting mechanism.
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