Pin type bow shackle (1)

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Pin type bow shackle



A shackle is a tool used to open a chain or rope connection and is commonly used in lifting operations, military, civil aviation, and automobiles. It usually consists of two parts: the shackle itself and an operating rod.

Shackles vary in shape and size for different purposes. In the industrial sector, some shackles may be large and require specialized tools to operate, while others are smaller and can be operated by hand. For example, when building large metal structures, large shackles are required to connect and secure chains or ropes.

The operating rod is also an important part of the shackle. The operating rod can be attached to the shackle to provide better control and operation. The length and shape of the levers vary for different purposes, for example, when dismantling various parts and accessories of an aircraft, the levers can be used to securely place the shackle and to make the removal work easier and more precise.

In conclusion, the shackle is a very practical tool that can help workers, engineers and mechanics to quickly open and connect chains or ropes, so as to strengthen and strengthen various types of structures, and improve the efficiency and safety of work.

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Selected Material :Strict selection of raw materials,layers of screening, production and processing in accordance with relevant standards.

Pin type bow shackle (1)
Pin type bow shackle (2)

Surface smooth surface without burr deep hole thread, sharp screw teeth.

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