Grow together, gather together!

1 12 May 23

Hebei Xiongan Share Technology Co., Ltd. company's 2023 team building activities ended successfully.

In order to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, enrich the cultural life of employees, improve the cohesion and centripetal force of the company, and promote communication among colleagues.

On May 7 , Hebei Xiongan Share Technology Co., Ltd. company's employees went to the Western Mausoleum of the Qing Dynasty to visit and organize team building activities.

The air in the Western Mausoleum of the Qing Dynasty is fresh and the the palace is majestic. In the Western Mausoleum of the Qing Dynasty , there are hundreds of years of Chinese pine forest .Tourists can not only appreciate the fresh air given to us by nature, listen to birdsong , but also sweep away the hustle and bustle of the city.

 In the morning of the same day, everyone came to the villa for group building .

By organizing team building activities such as learn how to play the djembe and the history of about the the djembe . We divided into different groups, and thought out the respective group names and group songs together .
At last , we played a beautiful piece of music together .

Collaboration and cohesion of the employees have been further enhanced.



After we had lunch in the manor, we came to the century-old Chinese pine forest in the Western Mausoleum of the Qing Dynasty. Here we had a really fun and thrilling scavenger hunt .
Everyone is divided into different groups, holding different task cards to complete various tasks such as “find the specified location and take a picture”,pk game,find and name different kinds of plants and animals .


Good times always pass by.

During this day, everyone After sweating, gaining trust, establishing friendship, and strengthening faith, everyone expressed that they would devote themselves to work with a full spirit, and work together with the company to create new successes and welcome a better tomorrow !

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