SHARE HOIST Hosts Vibrant Celebration

1 05 Jan 24

                                                                                                                                                              ---Sharing Joy, Setting Sail for Happiness

In the heart of this festive season, SHARE HOIST went above and beyond to curate an extensive array of creative and engaging activities, bringing employees together to celebrate the joy of Christmas and the warmth of the Winter Solstice.

1. Christmas Creative Workshop:

The workplace transformed into a hub of creativity as employees engaged in the Christmas Creative Workshop. From adorning Christmas trees with unique decorations to crafting personalized handmade gifts, every participant experienced the joy of artistic expression. The atmosphere buzzed with creativity, fostering a sense of shared accomplishment.

2. Winter Solstice Feast:

To honor the rich tapestry of Chinese traditions, employees gathered for a Winter Solstice Feast. Amidst the delightful aroma of tangyuan, or sweet rice dumplings, colleagues sat together, sharing stories of family and embracing the essence of togetherness. The event not only celebrated the Winter Solstice but also bridged cultural connections within the team.


3. Christmas Banquet and Talent Show:

The grand Christmas Banquet featured an exquisite array of culinary delights. Simultaneously, employees took the stage for a Talent Show, showcasing a diverse range of skills, from soulful solos that resonated through the room to humorous skits that had everyone in stitches. The banquet hall echoed with applause and laughter, creating memories that would be cherished.

4. Dumpling-Making Contest:

Adding a competitive edge to the festivities, the Dumpling-Making Contest became a highlight of the celebration. Teams of employees displayed not only their culinary skills but also their teamwork and coordination. The air was filled with laughter, the aroma of freshly made dumplings, and the spirit of friendly competition.

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5. Christmas Gift Distribution:

In the spirit of giving, every employee received a thoughtfully curated Christmas gift from SHARE HOIST. These tokens of appreciation not only conveyed the company's gratitude but also symbolized the collective journey and shared aspirations for the coming year. Each gift became a physical manifestation of the company's commitment to its employees' well-being.

Beyond the specific events, these activities were designed to foster a sense of unity, camaraderie, and cultural diversity within the SHARE HOIST family. The festivities created an atmosphere that transcended professional roles, allowing everyone to connect on a personal level.


The company recognizes the importance of employee well-being and the positive impact it has on workplace morale and productivity. The celebration aimed not only to mark the holiday season but also to express gratitude for the hard work, dedication, and resilience shown by every member of the SHARE HOIST team throughout the year.

In the coming year, SHARE HOIST remains committed to nurturing a workplace culture that values creativity, collaboration, and the well-being of its employees. The success of these celebratory activities serves as a testament to the company's dedication to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

As we bid farewell to this festive season, the SHARE HOIST team extends warm wishes to everyone for a Merry Christmas, a Joyous Winter Solstice, and a prosperous New Year filled with exciting opportunities, growth, and shared achievements.



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