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Classification: Round Webbing Sling

Tag: Lifting Sling | Polyester Sling | High Tenacity | Breaking Strength |

Loop Webbing Sling



  • For delicate equipment and precision parts, synthetic lifting slings offer unmatched flexibility, strength, and support. Constructed from nylon or polyester, these lightweight slings are easy to rig and highly adaptable. Widely used in construction and general industries, they are cost-effective, available in standard sizes, and easily replaceable.
  • The flexibility of synthetic slings allows them to mold to delicate or irregular loads, providing secure gripping in choker hitches. Their soft materials protect against scratches and crushing while lifting heavy loads. Versatile in vertical, choker, and basket hitches, they boast a Design Factor of 5:1 for added safety.
  • Ideal for explosive atmospheres due to non-sparking, non-conductive fibers, synthetic slings are susceptible to cuts, tears, and abrasions. Environmental factors like heat, chemicals, and UV rays can impact their strength. Ensure longevity by considering wear factors in diverse lifting applications.
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1. **Product Width:**

   Loop Webbing Slings are available in a versatile range of widths, catering to different load-bearing requirements. With options ranging from 25mm to 300mm, users can choose the width that best suits their specific lifting applications.

Loop Webbing Sling detail (1)
Loop Webbing Sling detail (2)

2. **Product Color:**

   Our Loop Webbing Slings come in a variety of colors, providing both functional and aesthetic options. Typical color choices include violet, green, yellow, gray, red, brown, blue, and orange. This color variety allows for easy identification and coordination in various lifting scenarios.

3. **Product Length:**

   The flexibility of Loop Webbing Slings extends to their length, with options spanning from 1 meter to 10 meters. This adaptability ensures that the sling can be tailored to the required reach, accommodating diverse lifting heights and configurations.

Loop Webbing Sling detail (4)
Detailed Information

   STOCK NO.  WLL-DOUBLE PLY  WLL-SINGLE PLY      COLOR             WIDTH  JB/T8521.1EN1492-1 AS 1353.1

SY-WS1ED01      2000 Kgs     1000 Kgs

Violet  25/30/50mm  6:1       7:1      8:1

SY-WS1ED02     4000 Kgs     2000 Kgs

= : =       = : 三

Green 50/60/65mm    6:1       7:1      8:1

SY-WS1ED03      6000 Kgs     3000 Kgs

= : = : = : 三 :  三

Yellow 75/90mm      6:1       7:1      8:1

SY-WS1ED04     8000 Kgs     4000 Kgs


Grey   100/120mm     6:1       7:1      8:1

SY-WS1ED05     10000 Kgs     5000 Kgs


Red    125/150mm     6:1       7:1      8:1

SY-WS1ED06     12000 Kgs     6000 Kgs

Brown 150/200mm     6:1       7:1      8:1

SY-WS1ED08     16000 Kgs     8000 Kgs

Blue  200/240mm     6:1       7:1      8:1

SY-WS1ED10     20000 Kgs    10000 Kgs

Orange 250/300mm    6:1       7:1      8:1

SY-WS1ED12     24000 Kgs    12000 Kgs

Orange  300mm       6:1       7:1      8:1

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